Since you asked…

the questions

Oct 27, 2016

You asked the questions, in emails, in meetings, at parties.

“How can I send an email to the same group of people every time without having to write out all the email addresses?’

‘How can I transfer large file over tiny email?’

‘What can I use to present my Mac-based presentation on Windows-based computers?’

As IT professionals, we can be asked for help in the most bizarre of situations and we’re not always able to help in the moment, especially at those parties.

As consultants, we always do want to help. So, in that spirit, we at Willtech Computer Consulting are setting up this blog to answer those quick little questions to those big problems that end-users are often not alone in facing.

Stay tuned to our Facebook or Twitter feeds to see the regular updates and links we will be sending out to make sure you are up to date with the changing technology landscape.

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